Iowa Truck Repair for the Des Moines Area

Tractor Preventative Maintenance Checklist

  1. Change engine oil
  2. Change oil filters
  3. Change fuel filters
  4. Check air filter
  5. Check coolant protection
  6. Check coolant (pH)
  7. Check transmission fluid level
  8. Check differential oil levels
  9. Check wheel bearing oil levels
  10. Check for fluid leaks
  11. Check belts and hoses
  12. Check power steering fluid
  13. Check clutch adjustment
  14. Check front end for looseness
  15. Lube clutch linkage
  16. Lube chassis and driveshafts
  17. Lube slack adjuster clevis pins
  18. Check air leaks, brakes applied
  19. Check air leaks, brakes released
  20. Check lights, reflectors, fire ext.
  21. Check brake fluid level
  22. Check clutch fluid level
  23. Check battery and clean conn.
  24. Check springs,& U-bolts
  25. Check and adj. brakes
  26. Check tire pressure & condition
  27. Check exhaust system
  28. Check Federal Annual Inspection
  29. Install PM sticker
  30. Fill windshield washer bottle
  31. Check windshield wipers

Trailer Preventative Maintenance Checklist

  1. Check FAI and PM info-update
  2. Check lights and reflectors
  3. Check gladhands and seals
  4. Operate rear door
  5. Check placards
  6. Check for body damage
  7. Check kingpin area
  8. Check crossmembers
  9. Check subframe
  10. Check landing gear
  11. Check springs & hangers
  12. Check torque rods and bushings
  13. Check tandem locks
  14. Check interior walls & roof
  15. Check floor
  16. Lube door hinges & rollers
  17. Lube landing gear
  18. Lube S cams and slack adj.
  19. Check brake shoe thickness
  20. Check for broken drums
  21. Check for leaky wheel seals
  22. Check for air leaks
  23. Check brake adjustment
  24. Check for bad brake chambers
  25. Drain air tanks
  26. Check air tank mounts
  27. Check for rubbing air lines
  28. Check tire tread & condition
  29. Air up tires
  30. Check hub lube level & leaks
  31. Check wheel damage/slippage
  32. Check for loose lugs

Light Truck Preventative Maintenance Checklist

  1. Change engine oil
  2. Change oil filters
  3. Check air filter
  4. Check coolant protection
  5. Check coolant (pH)
  6. Check transmission fluid level
  7. Check differential oil levels
  8. Check for fluid leaks
  9. Check belts and hoses
  10. Check power steering fluid
  11. Check font end for looseness
  12. Lube chassis and driveshafts
  13. Check lights, reflectors, fire etc.
  14. Check brake fluid level
  15. Check battery and clean conn.
  16. Check and adj. brakes
  17. Check tire pressure & condition
  18. Check exhaust system
  19. Install PM sticker
  20. Fill windshield washer bottle
  21. Check windshield wipers

Oil Change and Lube Checklist

  1. Change engine oil
  2. Change oil filters
  3. Check coolant level
  4. Check transmission fluid level
  5. Check differential oil levels
  6. Check wheel bearing oil levels
  7. Check power steering fluid
  8. Lube clutch linkage
  9. Lube chassis and driveshafts
  10. Check brake fluid level
  11. Check clutch fluid level
  12. Install PM sticker

Iowa Truck Repair Services

Call Now, for Iowa truck repair: 515-289-4545

Monday – Thursday: 7:00am – 2:00am.
Fridays: 7:00am – 4:00pm.
Saturdays and Sundays: Closed
Labor Rates
Our labor rate is $103/hour in the shop as well as on road calls. For road calls, shop rate begins when we leave our shop and ends upon our return. There is also a per mile charge for the service truck, and a $103 after hours call out fee.